How much can you save by quitting smoking?

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If you are a parent who smokes, it is highly likely that you want to quit. You want to be around to see your child grow up and you don’t want your smoking habit to damage your child’s health.

Another incentive to give up smoking is the huge impact that smoking will have on your finances. Raising kids is expensive – food, extra bedrooms, clothing, health, toys and schooling – let alone factoring in the forgone income for those who have to scale-back or stop working. In fact, the cost of raising a child in the UK is estimated to be an eye-watering £230,000. Smoking is an added expense that you can cut to give you extra cash to spend on raising your family.

For stressed-out, sleep deprived parents, giving up smoking can seem especially difficult – but it is also especially beneficial. By stopping smoking you will protect your health, your child’s health and increase the disposable income for your family. You will also be able to give your child more of the attention that they need. By going outside to smoke away from your child you will be taking yourself away from your child when they need you there.

Thankfully, it is possible to give up smoking with the right help and support – and here is how much you can save:

The cost of one packet of 20 cigarettes is £10.40 in the UK and that price will just continue to increase. It’s the same across the world.

Smoking one pack of 20 cigarettes for ten years at this price would mean that you spend £37, 960.

Just think what you could have spent that £37, 960 on – you could have put it towards a deposit on a house, a family car, family holidays, a university fund or an extension to your house. If both parents smoke, you are looking at double that figure.

According to Public Health England (PHE) e-cigarettes could be contributing to potentially more than 20,000 successful new quits per year. E-cigarettes are believed to be a whopping 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco and are encouraged by the NHS as a way of gently phasing out tobacco.

Lead researcher Dr Caitlin Notley from UEA’s Norwich Medical School said: ‘Not only does [vaping] substitute many of the physical, psychological, social and cultural elements of cigarette smoking, but it is pleasurable in its own right, as well as convenient and cheaper than smoking.’

So vaping will not only help you to quit smoking for good, but it is also vastly cheaper than smoking. The cost of vaping is hundreds per year as opposed to thousands. Let’s look at how much money you could save for your family:

The money you will save in one day

The £10.40 you would have spent on a packet of cigarettes can be used to buy some family groceries.

While you are saving money, you are also saving your health – after just one day:

  • Your children will notice that you smell fresher
  • Nicotine is cleared from your body
  • Your heart rate returns to a normal rate
  • Your blood pressure begins to stabilise

The money you will save for your family in one week

The £72.80 you would have spent on cigarettes in one week could pay for a term of an activity for your child – ballet lessons, a music class, or football. It could also pay for a family day out to a zoo or safari park, a family trip to the cinema or meal out.

The money you will save for your family in one month

You will save £316.33 by not smoking for one month. You could use this money to take your family away for the weekend or pay for the horse riding lessons that you currently can’t afford.

Alternatively you could use the money to join a gym or buy a bicycle and start a new healthier routine. This in turn will give you more energy and stamina for your busy family life, the endorphins will make you feel happier in yourself which leads to happier kids and the exercise routine will set a good example to your children.

While you are saving money you will also be finding exercising easier and your immune system will also be stronger – no more coughing through the winter on the school run.

The money you will save for your family in one year

You will save a huge £3796 stopping smoking for a year. The is a considerable amount of money for most families. You could afford an annual two week holiday abroad, you could take the kids to Disneyland or you could put the money towards your mortgage or into a savings account for your children’s future.

After a year you will also have spent less money on cleaning your house to take smoky smells away and tobacco stains on the wallpaper. You will also spend less money on medication with less sick days. You will also save on trips to the dentist with healthier gums.

The main incentive to give up smoking will be to improve your health and protect your children’s health, but when you add up how much you will be saving in the process you will soon see that it is the best financial decision you could make for your family.

Being able to spend the money you save by quitting smoking on your family will be a great feeling and one that does actually have a price.

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If you are a parent who smokes, it is highly likely that you want to quit. You want to be around to see your...
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