Becoming Healthier by Stopping Smoking and Taking up Vaping Instead

If there’s one thing everyone should take better care of, it’s their health. There are many things you might think of that you could do to improve your health: exercising, eating better, getting more fresh air. A lot of people already do those things and think they are on the right track, but they continue to do one major thing that seriously affects their health and life-expectancy – they smoke traditional cigarettes regularly, sometimes up to 40 a day – or more!

Why is smoking bad for your health?

You might believe that a cigarette or two a day can’t be that bad for you, but unfortunately smoking easily becomes an addiction. This is caused by the body needing more of the high produced when inhaling the active component of a cigarette, nicotine. Nicotine affects the adrenal glands, causing a release of adrenaline – literally, consuming nicotine makes your body excited. It can give you the same sort of rush that some people experience when competing in extreme sports.

A wide range of problems are attributed to smoking, including heart disease, lung cancer, atherosclerosis, disturbed sleep, and much more besides. The most concerning for many people is lung cancer, but nicotine is not considered to be a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) by itself. The combination of burning tobacco and nicotine is the problem – the burning tobacco, tar, and smoke is thought to cause the cancer, while the addictive qualities of the nicotine make it tremendously difficult to stop smoking, even if you want to.

Giving up is not so easy

The thought of avoiding any form of cancer seems to be a priority to a non-smoker, and non-smokers find it difficult to understand why anyone would continue with their addiction if they knew it was going to kill them. But this point of view ignores the basic qualities of an addiction – you feel compelled to repeat the behavior because in the moment it feels so good, even if the long term outlook is fatal. The addictive qualities of nicotine are so strong, that they even override the basic human survival instinct. A smoker needs their nicotine, and they need it now. Over the years, there have been many methods proposed for giving up smoking. Some suggest cutting down slowly, having one less cigarette each day than the day before. Some suggest going “cold turkey” and denying yourself any access to nicotine at all – unfortunately, this produces some rather nasty withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, headaches, constipation, coughing, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, irritability, and even depression.

A better way

Electronic Cigarettes, also known as e-cigs and vaporizers (usually shortened to vapes), are cigarette replacements that have fewer side effects than traditional cigarettes. They work by atomizing the nicotine with the application of heat – similar to a traditional cigarette but without the need for actual burning. The net effect is that nicotine is delivered to the body in a safe non-carcinogenic manner. While nicotine remains addictive and still has an effect on the body, the negative effects are dramatically reduced. As vapes work with liquid content (“e-liquids”), it is quite simple for manufacturers to add flavoring to the liquid and give an entirely different experience. Artificial tobacco flavors are available, as are such interesting flavors as “Apple Pie” and mango! The range of flavor varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, from country to country, so many people choose to look for a vape store online. It is simple to browse and see the whole range from your own home, rather than searching the shelves of a local brick-and-mortar store to try and find the one product you are looking for. Vapes usually have e-liquid tanks that are filled with the flavor of your choice, but this can lead to spillage and storage problems. The Juul vape is a new design that is roughly the size of a USB stick and takes pre-filled pods, eliminating the need to fill a tank. For portability and accessibility, the Juul system cannot be beaten.

When is enough enough?

E-cigs tend not to be used in quite the same way as traditional cigarettes. You might think that with the assortment of flavors, it would be more tempting to use them the whole time, but most will find that they use e-cigs less. The reason for this is that once a cigarette has been lit, it is normally smoked until it is used up. With a vape, you can take a single puff, and the nicotine hit will satisfy you whilst there is no need to “finish” the e-cig – it’s not lit in the traditional sense, and won’t burn away. You’ll only need to take a puff on it when you crave the nicotine again, which could be in a few minutes, or even in a few hours, varying on your level of nicotine dependence. In this way, most people find that they consume less actual nicotine per day when using an electronic device, as they don’t inhale the excess nicotine from the last part of the burning cigarette.

A positive effect on your health

Stopping smoking and replacing it with vaping will have a positive effect on your health. The consumption of nicotine should still be considered carefully, but removing the carcinogenic effects of inhaling burning tobacco and the tar it brings with it will improve your outlook greatly.

E-cigs are a great replacement for traditional cigarettes, as part of the appeal of traditional cigarettes are the routines surrounding smoking them. A vape gives you something to hold in your hand, something to put in your mouth, something tangible to work with, as opposed to a nicotine patch which will still deliver the nicotine to your system, but leaves you feeling unfulfilled as you are not involved in the process. Moreover, your enjoyment is increased by the selection of flavors available and the knowledge that you are doing the best you can for your body.

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If there’s one thing everyone should take better care of, it’s their health. There are many things you might think of that you could...
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